A Perth man is considering legal action against international cling-film manufacturer Glad Wrap suggesting that the firm could be responsible for false advertising.

The 68 year old says he has purchased Glad Wrap for the past fifteen years, with no discernable change to his mood.

“Why would they call it Glad Wrap if it doesn’t make you glad?” Alan Kygle asked Broken News outside Perth’s District Court, where he filed his statement of claim.  “If anything, the product can potentially turn a glad mood into a sad one, if you manage to get it all crinkled up and stuck back on itself.”

Glad Wrap or Sad Wrap? One man isn't so sure.
Glad Wrap or Sad Wrap? One man isn’t so sure.

In draft court documents obtained by BrokenNews.com.au, Kygle names “Glad Wrap”, “Glad Bags” and “Glad Oven Bags” as respondents in his legal action.

“I estimate I have spent upwards of four-hundred dollars on these products over the years,” Kygle said.  “That money would have been better spent on a psychologist, because this wrap, and these bags have not made me glad.  Not in the slightest.”

A search of court archives by Broken News has revealed that Kygle previously launched unsuccessful legal actions against the producers of the television programme Happy Days and the manufacturer of cleaning agent, Easy Off Bam.

NOT HAPPY: Alan has previously tried to take on the producers of television program Happy Days.

Kygle will argue his case against Glad Wrap in a court date to be fixed.  The manufacturer of the product wouldn’t comment, for legal reasons.

“As the matter is before the courts, we will reserve comment at this time.”