International toy manufacturer Mattel has announced it will soon begin production on a healthier version of its popular figurine, GI Joe.

The so-called, Low GI Joe, is part of a new, organic range of superhero toys, that are believed to be healthier for children.


“In an age of childhood obesity, we thought it was important to do our bit,” says Mattel spokesperson Garth Pocock.  “By focussing on a diet with a low glycemic index, Joe is able to achieve all of his superhero activities without feeling sluggish and tired.”

It’s believed that Joe was particularly chosen to target young boys who have a habit of snacking on high sugar, low-fibre snacks, loaded with calories, and with few vitamins.

The new range of figurines will include a recipe book of Low GI treats, that parents are encouraged to prepare in the kitchen with their children.

The relaunch, will also include a complete rebranding of the GI Joe range of comic books.

“All of the GI Joe books will be rebranded as “Low GI-Joe” and will also include positive messages about healthy eating,” said the Mattel spokesperson.

The toys will be available in stores in time for Christmas.