Authorities in NSW are considering changes to the mobile phone laws which ban drivers from using phones while operating their vehicles.

BBroken News can reveal the government is looking at an amendment to the new law, allowing drivers to escape punishment if it can be proven that the person calling them was “extremely hot” and that they just “had to answer it straight away”.

Known as “Gosling’s Law”, individuals would escape all fines and punishment if it can be proven that the person calling is “as hot or hotter than Ryan Gosling”.  For equality purposes, female callers must be “as hot or hotter than Mila Kunis”, according to a draft copy of the law seen by Broken News.  To be eligible, if pulled over by police, the driver must be able to produce a photograph of the person calling in order to prove their beauty and desirability.  Government lawyers told Broken News that a Facebook profile picture was likely to be sufficient proof.

GOSLING’S LAW: Who is calling you?

“We all know what it can be like when we’ve given our number out to a hottie at a bar on a weekend, and are expecting them to call back during the week,” an official from the Roads Department, who did not wish to be named, told Broken News.  “The last thing you want is for the call to go through to voicemail and for them not to leave a message.  They might never call back.”

Road safety advocates criticised the plan as “utter madness”, while a spokesperson for the Opposition told Broken News it would “consider the proposal on its merits.”

The Roads Minister’s office did not respond to requests for comment from Broken News.