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US Election Officials are investigating anonymous claims that Barack Obama is actually an Irish national, whose real name is Barry O’Bama.

The US Presidential Election has been thrown into disarray in the early hours of the election day, with claims that Obama is, in fact, a foreign national.

Acting on a tip-off from concerned citizen, a Mr Ronald Dump, officials are acting quickly to investigate the claims, to avoid embarassment on election day.


The allegations include that Mr O’Bama was born in Cork, Ireland in 1968 and travelled to the United States, in 1988, where he worked as a toy leprechaun salesperson and amateur limerick writer for several years, before entering a career in politics.

As officials investigate the bizarre claims, It’s understood voters will continue to be allowed to place their votes, as a request is made to the President to once again produce a birth certificate to show that he was born in the United States.

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