This story is from the Broken News archives.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard is understood to have played a crucial role in the establishment of a top-secret Slushee Fund to win the forthcoming election.


Broken News has learned that the fund, established with donations from Labor party members, would provide one free medium slushee (or slurpee in Eastern states) to any person who agrees to vote for Labor on election day.

Bank account details cited by Broken News suggest the slushee fund has deposits exceeding ten-million dollars and would allow for millions of the frozen, carbonated beverages to be distributed at polling places all over Australia.

While an election date has yet to be announced, its understood that Labor is planning to choose a very warm January day, in order to capitalise on the benefits of providing the free slushees.

Broken News has been told that internal Labor polling is suggesting that Frozen Coke will be the most popular slushee on election day.

Broken News first reported rumours of the Slushee Fund three weeks ago but has now obtained evidence to prove its existence.  Neither the ALP nor the Australian Electoral Commission would admit to the establishment of the fund, but insiders tell Broken News that the AEC is looking into the legality of providing delicious frozen treats in exchange for votes.