A politician wearing glasses?  Crazy, we know.  But, believe it or not, despite appearing to give a sense of perfect vision of the issues affecting Australia as a nation, some of our most well known politicians actually wear glasses.


BrokenNews.com.au has obtained photographs of at least seven members of the House of Representatives and the Senate who wear glasses.  They include some of Australia’s best known politicians.



This bespectacled senator spends most of his time focussing on the issues of the day as Attorney General.  But what few people realise, is that the former Barrister, and current leader of the house, can, from time to time be seen to make a spectacle of himself with a pair of slim, black rimmed glasses.



A senator since 2005, Collins has largely flown under the radar during her parliamentary career, save for a 2 month stint as a minister in 2013.  But this official parliamentary photo obtained by Broken News shows she is unashamedly a glasses wearer.


We didn’t even know Brett was a Member of Parliament, let alone a wearer of glasses, but it turns out he is both.  From the Tasmanian electorate of Braddon, Whiteley must find his glasses handy for reading documents in his role on the Joint Standing Committee for Treaties.



The former Immigration Minister and current treasurer may never be accused of having a glass jaw, but he is certainly guilty of having glass-es.  It’s understood that the glasses help Morrison develop the economic vision to drive Australia into economic prosperity and reduce foreign debt.



Victorian Senator Anne Rushton is the Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, but Broken News can reveal this official photograph wearing glasses.  Whilst not always pictured wearing them, Broken News imagines the glasses would have also come in handy when she was a member of the Senate Committee for Scrutiny of Bills between 2013-14.



You may lovingly recall Wayne Swan as the Treasurer that saw Australia through the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).  But Mr Swan wouldn’t have been able to see so clearly, had it not been for the glasses that gave him the economic foresight and 20-20 vision to consider all the economic impacts on fiscal decision-making.


Senator Dio Wang Official portrait. Senator for WA, Palmer United Party , 17 July 2014. Image David Foote -AUSPIC/DPSSENATOR DIO WANG

Senator Dio Wang was elected as a WA Senator in 2013, representing the Palmer United Party.  As a new senator, at first Wang relied on his glasses to find his way to the chamber itself.  But with current reforms to senate voting practice, and the likelihood that he will lose his seat in a double dissolution, Senator Wang may soon rely on his glasses to view job advertisements on Seek.