April Fool’s Day is here again.

It comes around every 12 months, give or take a month or two.

It’s a day in the year, when many of our competitors, so-called serious news outlets, take a break from hard news to deal with the trivial, and in the process, often get caught up reporting falsehoods, lies and tricks as actual news.

But the news business is something we take very, very seriously at BrokenNews.com.au.  Today, we will show our same dogged commitment to investigating the stories that matter to you, that we do every day.  We will continue our march towards the truth, focussing on providing balanced accounts of the major stories.  We will check facts.  We will monitor sources.  And we will continue to hold those in power to account.

We owe it to you, our readers.  But we owe it to ourselves as well.  It’s this commitment to the truth that has brought some of our award winning stories to you.  In recent months, our tenacious reporters have brought you exclusives like Mr Snuffleupagus’s new single and the Baha Men discovering who let their dogs out.  If our newsroom took April 1 off, and tried to fool you, who knows what real stories we might miss.  So rest assured, today you will see more of the hard hitting stories you’ve come to know and love.  Stories such as the controversial ban on Bintang singlets and outrage over the parking fine that was issued to the Rover space car on planet Mars.

So today, we won’t be the April Fool, and neither, dear reader, will you.

We thank you for supporting our never ending quest for journalistic excellence, integrity and truth.