The Australian Federal Police have announced changes to airport screening measures in the wake of an incident reportedly involving swimmer Grant Hackett. understands new signboards (pictured below) will be posted at domestic and international airports around Australia.  The signs reiterate limits on liquids, gels, aerosols and knives but go on to make it clear that no Grant Hacketts are permitted on board either.


The new ruling is said to be in the interests of everyone safety, including passengers, crew and Grant himself.

“This is not something we wanted to do, it’s somehing we have to do,” a senior AFP source told Broken News.

Broken News readers have reported already seeing some of the signs posted at check in areas of airports in Sydney and Melbourne early Monday morning.  They will be rolled out nationwide, including regional centres by Friday.


It’s hoped that the raised aviation security measures might only be a temporary measure and that in time, the security rules might be relaxed so that Mr Hackett may be able to pass through airport checkpoints.