The search for the Davis family’s television remote control, missing since 6pm today, has been suspended due to poor light.

The family’s patriarch, Donald Davis, called off the search for the beloved remote control at 9pm AEDT, signalling that it would resume first thing in the morning.

The remote control was first reported missing by Davis’ wife Alanna, just after 6.30pm who immediately alerted her husband, an accountant and volunteer with the local State Emergency Service (SES).

I’m experienced in these sorts of searches, and have done quite a few for the SES,” Donald told Broken News via telephone, from the search area.  “Usually we’re looking for missing kids, folks with dementia, that sort of thing, but I am sure we can use similar methods in the search for this remote control.”

Alanna said the disappearance of the remote control was extremely out of character.  “It’s never happened before.  The remote control is always just sitting there on the coffee table, but when I went to change the channel at 6.30, I couldn’t find it anywhere,” she told Broken News.  “When I couldn’t locate it, I began to panic.  I called Donald straight away because I just didn’t know what to do.”

“I told her to keep calm and I just drove straight home from work,” Donald said.  “I even ran a few orange lights.  I just had to get home.”

A remote control similar in appearance to the one which is missing in the Davis household
A remote control similar in appearance to the one which is missing in the Davis household

The search began with an interrogation of the Davis family’s children, 15 year old Michael and 14 year old Jacinta.  The pair were ruled out as suspects, once it was proven they were both at tennis practice at the time of the remote control’s disappearance.  Michael and Jacinta agreed to join the search after their father posted a reward of a $20 itunes voucher.

“We turned the place upside down,” Donald said.  “We’ve looked in every room of the house, gone through all the kitchen drawers.  I even turned the kids school bags upside down.  The last time Alanna can remember seeing it is when she switched over to the Bold and the Beautiful in the middle of the afternoon.”

Alanna told Broken News she considered calling the police, but thought it was unlikely they would be able to help.  “I heard that even with missing people, they don’t usually do anything until they’re missing for 24 hours.  I am guessing for remote controls it is probably at least a couple of days before they send a patrol car around.”

In the United States, search helicopters are frequently used in missing remote control scenarios such as this one.

Donald made the difficult decision to suspend the search at 9pm, turning off the 101cm device off via the main power button situated on the frame of the LCD television.  “Just like in the old days,”  Donald quipped.  The family admitted it would have trouble sleeping, knowing that one of its own had disappeared.

“I am sure it hasn’t come to any foul play.  It may just show up of its own accord.  We’re just trying to stay positive,” Donald told Broken News before turning in for the night.

Broken News will have a reporter at the Davis family’s home, when the search resumes at 6am tomorrow.

UPDATE: 6.21am Donald Davis has woken, and dressed in his pyjamas and dressing gown, has resumed the search for the missing remote control.

UPDATE: 7.04am Reports from the Davis household that the remote control has been found.  Broken News understands it had slipped behind some couch cushions.  Confirmation shortly.