The parents of a snail on a backpacking holiday have urged him to return home and return to working life as a regular slug.

“Look, a snail is just a slug with a backpack,” his worried mother Lynne told Broken News.  “Damian has done what a lot of slugs do when they finish school.  He got a backpack, strapped it on and took off, living like a snail, backpacking around the neighbourhood.”

Damien the Snail has been travelling all over the neighbourhood.

Damian spent much of his later school years working a part-time job, saving to purchase a shell which he would use to carry his belongings during the backpacking adventure.  What was supposed to be a four- week jaunt, has now developed into a three-month getaway.

“Enough is enough.  It’s time for Damian to come home, take the shell off, and join us in the family slug business,” mother Lynne says.  “He’s had his fun, blown off a little steam, but there comes a time when you just have to settle down.”

Damian is understood to be currently residing in the letterbox of an apartment building some 5 kilometres from his family home.  He’s believed to be safe, and has sent postcards home during his adventure.  He’s also frequently updated his Facebook status to let friends and relatives know he is ok.

"A snail is just a slug with a backpack."
“A snail is just a slug with a backpack.”

“I’m sure he’s ok.  The photos he took down at the local sports ground were incredible,” Lynne says.  “But I am still nervous about him visiting other suburbs.  He doesn’t speak the language, he doesn’t know the local customs.  I just think it’s time to come home before something goes wrong.”

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