A 1-year-old puppy dog from Sydney’s north has announced world-first legal action against popular weekly magazine, “People”.

The dog is taking the unprecedented action under the Discrimination Act, claiming that the magazine is biased against non-people.

“It’s highly offensive,” the dog, named Julius, barked from his kennel in Northbridge.  “In a time of social inclusion, this magazine has not featured anyone other than a person on the cover since it began publishing in the 1950’s.  It’s 2016 now.  It makes me sick.”

people mag

The popular gossip magazine, frequently features famous celebrities and other noteworthy human beings on its cover.

“You flick through the pages, and it is article, after article about people.  Where is the diversity?  Where is the equality?” Julius questioned.

The magazine’s editor told Broken News that it doesn’t have a policy of discrimination.

“The vast majority of our readers are people,” Dickson says.  “It makes sense that a magazine called People, which is for people and about people, actually has people on the cover and has articles about people inside.”

DISCRIMINATION: Dog takes legal action against 'People' magazine.
DISCRIMINATION: Dog takes legal action against ‘People’ magazine.

Dickson points out that in any event, the magazine has featured animals in the past.  “When Paris Hilton had that little dog, it was on the cover all the time,” she says.  “I think Julius is just jealous.  The dog is wasting the court’s time.”

In a statement of claim viewed by Broken News, Julius has sought $150,000 in damages and compensation.  “It’s not about the money,” Julius says.  “I just want equality.”

The matter will be heard in court later this month.  Broken News will have complete coverage.