Republican hopes to “Make Miss America Great Again!”

Donald Trump will shortly announce Miss California as his running-mate in the 2016 race for the Whitehouse, a move which could see the dazzling, but slightly confused beauty catapulted into the job of Vice President.  Trump, the presumed Republican nominee, has told senior aides that he thought that having a bikini queen as Vice-President is “just what we need to Make Miss America Great Again”.

Miss California, whose real name is Nadia Mejia, made international headlines earlier on Tuesday when she made an embarrassing gaffe during a Q&A session at the Miss USA beauty pageant.  (See Broken News video below).

As our video shows below, when asked about economic problems affecting the USA, Miss California was speechless and completely froze (scroll down for video).  In an embarrassing mind blank, the candidate fumbled for a around ten seconds before finishing with a confusing sentence in which she claimed, “I think the poor need to work hard”.

Could Donald Trump name Miss California as running mate? (Digitally altered image)
Could Donald Trump name Miss California as running mate? (Digitally altered image)

While many have criticised the beauty pageant nominee, US political pundits tell Broken News that selecting her as a running mate, could bring the boost of intelligence to the campaign that Donald Trump sorely needs.

“Sure she’s doesn’t come across as very bright, but at least she’s brighter than Trump,” one analyst told Broken News.  “In twelve seconds of silence, she actually made more sense than Trump has in the entire campaign.”

Others felt Trump could learn a lot from Miss California’s demeanour and disposition.  “Maybe he will take a leaf out of her book and just stop talking for once,” an US academic told Broken News.  “We all just wish he would shut up.  She’s good at saying nothing.  Maybe he’ll do the same.”