LEAKED VIDEO: Bob Hawke lends beer drinking credentials to Labor campaign

What you need to know: 

  • BrokenNews.com.au has obtained a leaked draft copy of Labor ad featuring Bob Hawke
  • The ad is mostly just video of Bob Hawke doing what he does best: skulling beers.
  • Coalition strategists fear that the vision of the popular former PM could cause major damage to their campaign.

Coalition campaign strategists are nervous that a new ALP video campaign featuring Bob Hawke absolutely smashing beers like there is no tomorrow could severely dent Malcolm Turnbull’s momentum in the run up to election day.

The new video shows classic file footage of the former Prime Minister necking schooners at record pace in front of a jovial SCG cricket crowd.  In one sequence, Hawke is urged on by hundreds of cricket fans dressed as Richie Benaud, while Shane Warne refers to Hawke as “probably the greatest Prime-Minister of Australia.”  The endorsement by Warne, known for his understanding of the subtle nuances of Federal politics, is also seen to be a major problem for the coalition.

Bill Shorten does not feature in the advertisement at all, with Labor insiders keen to focus on Hawke’s beer-drinking credentials in the hope that his popularity will rub-off on the current Labor leader.  The video was recut from an earlier video recorded by Bob Hawke, focussing on Labor’s Medicare credentials.  But ALP marketing gurus felt the Medicare message was “boring as hell”, and needed “more of Hawkie glugging grog.”

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