Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has vowed that he will not proceed with any cuts to Medicare until he has been able to take advantage of the last days of bulk-billing, to see a doctor about his man-flu for free.

The Opposition has accused the government of a secret plan to make huge cuts to Medicare if re-elected, including an increase in co-payments which would lead to fewer doctors using the bulk billing system.  It’s a claim that the government has dismissed as a scare campaign.

QANDA: The Prime Minister’s illness was apparent on his appearance on Monday night’s QANDA program.

The accusations come at the same time as the Prime Minister has been diagnosed with a severe cold, that could require a visit to the doctor and a course of antibiotics, if it becomes worse.  It’s understood the PM wants to get in one last free visit to a GP before the changes come into place.  It’s a decision that could save the Turnbull family’s budget up to $60.

“Like all Australians, I’m a fan of a freebie,” Mr Turnbull told the ABC’s Q and A programme.  “And yes, I’ve been a bit crook this week, and I will be following everyone’s advice and seeing a doctor about it.  I know I am a man of considerable worth, but sixty dollars is sixty dollars.  I’m just glad to get in one last free visit before our changes to bulk billing start.”

“Does anyone have any Strepsils?” the PM asked the QandA crowd.

The Prime Minister quickly realised he had revealed far more about his government’s plans than he had intended to, quickly changing the subject to remark on the colour of the tie being worn by program host Tony Jones.