When we saw the front page of The Age newspaper in Melbourne today, we were certain that the picture looked familiar.

Does Malcolm Turnbull have a long lost relative?  Those eyes.  That frowning expression.  Surely we’ve seen that look somewhere on the internet before?

We are currently conducting enquiries to determine whether the Prime Minister (at least for now) of Australia, is in fact related through family lineage to the world famous Grumpy Cat,  a cat from Morristown, Arizona, who found internet fame in 2012 as “Grumpy Cat.”

And of course we have no doubt that Mr Turnbull has every reason to be a little grumpy at the moment.  It is no certainly that he will form government, and even if he does, he could be tossed out by his own party sooner than anyone thought possible.


Could he get comfort from something cuddly and cute.  A cat perhaps?

Here’s the full front page from Melbourne’s The Age newspaper,


And now here is another look at Grumpy Cat.


What do you think?  We reckon the resemblance is uncanny.

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