The NSW Government is considering a plan to ban the popular Pokemon Go game, after research suggested people were having way too much fun playing it.

The Baird government has systematically banned almost every activity that is considered a source of enjoyment in the state, with insiders saying that banning the nostalgic smartphone game is the next logical step.

pokemon banned

“Look at the smiles of people, young and old, having a great time while playing the game,” a Macquarie Street source told Broken News.  “That kind of fun has to be stopped at all costs.”

The NSW Government made national headlines for its tough approach to lockout laws, which have received much criticism among the entertainment, music, and general having-a-good-time industries.  Last week, saw the Premier also ban the popular sport of greyhound racing.

GREYHOUND BAN: People fear the consequences for the poor greyhounds abandoned by the ban
GREYHOUND BAN: People fear the consequences for greyhounds abandoned by the ban, who will never race again.

Many have praised the game, released just last week, for giving young people valuable exercise as they played it.  At the weekend, tens of thousands of game-players were out exploring parks and cities as they tried to “catch them all”.

But that optimism, appears to be to no avail, with the Baird government ban likely to come into place as early as this week.

On election night, Broken News reported exclusively on Mike Baird’s election night drinking game.  Read about that here.

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