Could the SBS late night movie network start negotiations to buy a sex tape purportedly featuring an NRL star?

News reports overnight suggested a tape was being shopped around to media organisations for a sum of $150,000.  None of the TV news stations who were approached by the sellers of the video have agreed to pay any money for it, with the content believed to be too graphic for 6pm news bulletins and evening current affairs programs.

Industry insiders, however, are of the opinion that SBS could be interested in purchasing the tape, adding it to its World Movies suite of erotic programs, and broadcasting it at a safer timeslot of 2.30am.  Many have described purchasing the tape, as a “no brainer” for SBS’s late night programming.


“If it’s legit, this sort of video really aligns with World Movies values,” one media executive told Broken News.

“At SBS they’d probably see it as more than just a sex-tape.  They’d look at it as a piece of avant-garde art, showing the conflicting realities of sport and sex in a sizzling, dynamic romp.”

One view circulating in the media industry is that SBS could soon seek to devote an entire digital channel to explicit videos featuring NRL and AFL stars alone and branding them as “world movies.”