A Sydney man has been infuriated by a pair of scissors purchased from his local Officeworks store, which came with a cable tie stuck around the handle.

The cable tie was part of the original packaging, but would require a second pair of scissors to cut loose, almost defeating the purpose of buying the scissors in the first place.

While the man, who would prefer to remain anonymous, managed to remove most of the packaging from the scissors, he nearly spat out his Subway footlong meatball and cheese sub when he saw the cable tie wrapped around the handle of the scissors.

ARE THEY SERIOUS?  Is this the most infuriating thing ever?

“Seriously mate, are these w-nkers taking the p-ss or what?” the outraged bloke wrote in an email to Broken News.  “How do they expect me to get that bit of plastic off?”


A closer look.  We agree that the little piece of plastic is infuriating.
ZOOMED IN: Is the cable tie just a scam to get you to buy two pairs of scissors?

“I just needed a pair of scissors to use around the house.  They were like five bucks.  But is this some kind of Officeworks scam to get you to buy two pairs of scissors, just so you can cut off the cable tie.”

Our tipster continued, “Also, what the hell do they need a cable tie on them anyway.  I mean it’s a pair of scissors not a fugitive that’s just been arrested by a SWAT team.”

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