While the world was reeling from allegations that Donald Trump’s wife Melania had stolen portions of a speech from Michelle Obama, something else caught the eye of the production team at Broken News during the speeches at the GOP convention.

Look closely.

Has Melania Trump also copied the look of Caitlin Jenner?

Setting a gorgeous white gown against a red and blue backdrop at yesterday’s Republican convention speech had all the hallmarks of Caitlin Jenner’s style choice when she accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage award at ESPN last year.

(Photo: GQ.com)

Yes, we admit the sleeves of the gowns are very different, with Melania Trump going for a floaties-inspired sleeve, and Caitlin Jenner showing a little more décolletage.

Then again, Melania didn’t borrow the whole speech off Michelle Obama, just part of it.  We just wonder whether the same thing happened with Caitlin’s dress.