A major investigation has revealed that there are far more corners in the ABC program of the same name, than its reporting team will admit.  For many decades, the proud ABC public affairs program has been creating award winning journalism and has broken dozens of stories that have changed the course of Australia’s national history.  But throughout this time, there is one truth that the program has failed to admit: that there have been been many, many more corners in the logo of the ABC television program, than just four.

For a program with a proud reputation of telling the truth, this is one lie that the Broken News team couldn’t allow to stand.

We salute the long standing tradition of Walkley award winning journalism that the program has produced.  But we are disappointed that viewers are being kept in the dark as to how many corners this program really has.

Take a look at our analysis of the Four Corners logo below.  4 corners?  Hardly.  We counted at least 29.

4 corners FB
Original Four Corners Logo
4 corners graphic
Our investigations team counted at least 29 corners on this angle alone

Those 29 corners were counted on just one front-on rotation of the logo itself.  If rotated in its 3D state, dozens more corners are visible to the naked eye.

But Broken News has found this misleading practice has continued for many years unchecked.

We have been supplied with older copies of the logo, from past years in the program’s proud history.  Again, varying numbers of corners…but never, ever four.

4corners5 4corners4 4corners3

It gives Broken News no great pleasure to release the findings of this report, but does so in the interests of accuracy and transparency.  It is time for the charade to end.  We feel that this giant of Australian journalism should not be immune from criticism, and should be up-front with the public, on just how many corners, this so-called “Four” Corners really has.