In a major development, Broken News has obtained an exclusive image from inside Census website headquarters on Census night (published below), showing the chaos inside the organisation.  This website has also obtained the Census form of the person responsible for maintaining the ABS website and computer system which has gone into meltdown tonight.

The ABS computer and internet system has failed to cope with the demands of millions of Australians logging on to complete their census forms.

Many had complained in the lead up to the Census about their privacy concerns with the website, as Broken News first reported here.

But the real disaster of the 2016 Census has been the utter capitulation of the ABS computer system.  An image was sent to us by an insider at the Australian Bureau of Statistics and reveals the chaos and drama inside the Census website headquarters at 8.11pm tonight, as one million citizens a second logged on to the system.


Broken News has also obtained two of the answers from the Census form completed by the person responsible for the website and computer system.

We have published the answers to two of the questions in that person’s census below.  (We have removed the name of the employee for privacy reasons).

As you can see, the website was doomed to failure.


But this is not the first major exclusive that Broken News has revealed during this year’s Census.  Earlier in the week we obtained a leaked copy of the census results, before anyone had even filled in a form.

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