The International Olympic Committee has confirmed that Census Hacking will continue as an Olympic sport after a successful trial during this year’s games.

The event was heavily contested, but in a close finish on Tuesday night, Russia took out the DDOS Census Hacking event, just ahead of fierce competitors North Korea and China.

The entire Australian census website was taken offline as hackers made it impossible for anyone to successfully complete their forms on the Internet.

Many of the overseas competitors spent years training for the hacking event, and were delighted to be able to compete at an Olympic level this year.


“We gave it everything we had but it wasn’t good enough on the night.  The Russians did very well,” one Chinese hacker told Broken News.  “We’ll regroup, work on our programming skills and be back better than ever next time.”

Many Australians were caught unawares by the Olympic event as they tried to complete their Census forms, not realising that the hacking competition was underway.

Some initially questioned the explanation of “hacking” as the reason for the Census website going down.

“Australia has a long held tradition of blaming foreigners when something goes wrong.  I thought that the ABS was just keeping up that tradition,” one census user told Broken News.