Jarryd Hayne has achieved yet another of his lifelong dreams, watching a television broadcast of the Fiji rugby sevens team (that he very nearly was a part of) win an Olympic gold medal.

Hayne is understood to have been watching the coverage of the match on television from his new home on the Gold Coast.  But Broken News understands that the television he was watching it on may have suffered a severe malfunction just moments after Fiji won the gold medal, when a rugby ball was mysteriously thrown through the plasma flatscreen.


Watching Fiji win a gold medal on television was the latest in many lifelong dreams followed by Jarryd Hayne.  Hayne originally had hoped to follow a lifelong dream of winning an Olympic gold medal for Fiji, but later downgraded that to a lifelong dream of watching his team mates win a medal on TV.

Broken News has catalogued a number of the dreams followed by Jarryd Hayne these past 12 months, including playing NFL, representing Australia in Pokemon Go, and more recently we broke the story of an unsuccessful tilt at the job of UN Secretary General.  Broken News broke the story of the reaction to the Fijian rugby win on Twitter earlier this morning:

Without a Gold medal, Hayne will settle for life on the Gold Coast, after recently signing a contract to play for local Rugby League team, the Gold Coast Titans.  Broken News correspondents in Parramatta this morning say that Eels fans were “dancing in the streets” and turning out in Church Street Mall in huge numbers to celebrate the Fijian victory.

Parramatta Eels fans, still furious at Hayne’s switch to the Titans joined in the Fijian team’s chorus of “We have overcome” with great joy and schadenfreude.

It’s understood a television repairman will be contacted to fix the broken television later in the day.