Are you faster than Usain Bolt?

He’s the man everyone is talking about today, and for good reason!  He’s the Olympic gold medal winner for the 100 metres.  Usain St Leo Bolt.


Scroll down and you’ll be able to take the test on whether you are, indeed, faster than the Jamaican superstar.

In the mean-time though, let’s reflect on what a great achievement today was.  A third straight win in the 100 metres, the ultimate event of the Olympic calendar.

Of course at Broken News we had to break the news straight away, but as you might know, the Olympic broadcasting restrictions meant we weren’t allowed to show pictures of Bolt actually winning the event.  But we hope that our file picture kept you satisfied.

But the win also got us thinking about other great Jamaican athletes.

(Don’t worry if you want to go straight to the quiz, you can just scroll down to it)

Remember the Jamaican bobsled team?  Well they are still our favourites here at the Broken News office.

But we thought we should put it to a vote, and see what our viewers thought.  Who is greatest?  Usain?  Or the guys from Cool Runnings. And the result couldn’t have been closer.

It was an ever so slight win to the guys from Cool Runnings.  But Usain Bolt is still pretty good.

Annnnnyway, down to the quiz.

Were you watching the race today, thinking, ‘I reckon I’m faster than that guy’?

Well, by watching on TV, there’s no way to really be sure if you are faster than the Olympic legend, but by taking our quiz below, you’ll have all the answers you need!  Are you ready to catapult yourself into Olympic glory?  You’ll know in just two questions…

QUIZ: Are you faster than Usain Bolt?

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