Republican candidate Donald Trump has spent hours studying footage of Mexican pole vaulters competing at the Olympic Games in Rio, fearing that the athletes may use the technique to get over his proposed wall separating the United States and Mexico.

“With one leap they are over the wall”: Trump fears Mexican pole vaulters.

The planned wall has been a hallmark of Donald Trump’s immigration policy, intended to stem the flow of immigrants across the border into the United States.  From very early in his campaign, Mr Trump has said that not only will he build the wall, but he will send Mexico the bill to pay for it.

But the Trump plan was thrown into a tailspin when he was watching Olympic coverage on NBC early this week, in particular a group of talented Mexican pole vaulters.  Mr Trump was in the middle of drafting another Crooked Hillary tweet when the pole-vaulters caught his eye.

Trump watched in dismay as the Mexican pole vaulters went higher and higher, soaring into the air.  Some of the competitors reached heights of 6 metres and beyond, well beyond the clearance height of his proposed wall.  Trump was incensed.

“This is dangerous,” Mr Trump is believed to have told aides.  “These guys with their poles, and their jumps.  We gotta watch out for them.”

“I never thought there’d be Mexicans with sticks who can just jump over it.  We need this thing higher.  I’m talking eight metres.   Ten, if we need to.”

pole vault 2
“I didn’t think there’d be guys on sticks jumping over it” – Trump demands a higher wall.

But Mr Trump is rumoured to be considering taking his wall plan even further.

“One word,” Mr Trump said to an aide.  “Sharks.”

NEW PLAN: “A wall, a moat and sharks.”

“We’re going to put a moat on our side of the wall, the American side, and we’re going to fill it with the sharks with razor sharp teeth,”  Mr Trump said.

“That way even if one of these pole-stick-vault guys gets over, he will land in the pool of sharks.”

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