IOC officials in Rio are desperately asking athletes not to bite into their gold medals in post-medal ceremony photos, for fear it will reveal their secret that the medals are actually made of milk chocolate.

CHOCOLATE INSIDE: ((c) Can Stock Photo)
CHOCOLATE INSIDE: A Broken News world exclusive

In a Broken News World Exclusive, we can reveal the elaborate hoax which Olympic organisers have been trying to perpetrate.

As part of our investigation, we asked a team of experts including forensic photo-analysis professionals as well as chocolate detection specialists, to take a closer look at some photographs from the Olympics, featuring athletes biting into the medals.  It’s only on closer analysis that the hoax becomes clear.  “You can actually tell when you zoom in on the photos that the athletes are smiling, but behind the smile is the shock that they can actually taste chocolate,” one of the experts told Broken News.  “This is the dirty little secret that Brazilian Olympic organisers don’t want anyone to know.”

CLOSER LOOK: Chocolate has been detected inside the gold medals.
CLOSER LOOK: Chocolate has been detected inside the gold medals.

While no Gold Medal winning athletes would go on the record to confirm the story, several spoke to our Olympics correspondent in Rio, on condition of anonymity.

“I went from elation to despair really quickly when I realised there was chocolate inside,” one told us.  “Years of hard work, and then discovering that the medal was made of chocolate – just like something you’d buy from Aldi – it was such a disappointment.”

Broken News has obtained a close-up photograph of one of the medals – irrefutable proof that there is chocolate inside.

The World Exclusive photo that Broken News doesn’t want you to see.


The exclusive image shows that the golden colour on the outside of the medal is actually made of coloured tin-foil, while the bulk of the medal is actually made up of milk chocolate.

“And it’s not the good stuff,” one of our chocolate detection specialists tells us. “It’s not Belgian or Swiss, or even Cadbury dairy milk.  This is compounding chocolate, the kind of stuff you use in cooking.”

Athletes are quietly fuming, and IOC officials remain nervous as photographers continue to ask the champion athletes to pose while biting into their medals.  What was once an iconic money-shot to prove the medals were real, these photographs could be the undoing of Rio organisers.

CHOCOLATE INSIDE (Photo: (c) Can Stock Photo)
TAKE A BITE!  More proof the medals are made of chocolate.

One Australian athlete told Broken News that he “knew something was up” as soon as he bit into the medal.  “The photographers were asking me to bite into it for a bit of a lark after the national anthem,” the competitor told Broken News, “but as soon as I did, I could taste the chocolate.”

“When I got back to the village, I peeled back all the gold wrapping and sure enough, there was chocolate inside,” he continued.  “The worst part is that because it has been so warm in Rio, the whole thing has melted, so now I have nothing to show for the past four years of hard work.”

Broken News understands that a Brazilian Olympic official hatched the scheme when the budget for the Rio Games began to blow out of control.  In balance sheets seen by Broken News, officials estimated that up to $2 million could be saved by switching the metallic medals for chocolate ones.

But not everyone is upset.

“I’ve been training so hard and been on such a strict diet, that I was dying for some chocolate,” a member of our athletics team told Broken News.  “This was exactly what I needed to celebrate.”

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