The Federal Government has announced that it will seek a public vote on whether Salim Mehajer should be allowed to hold any more weddings, after concerns that his lavish ceremony and later reported break-up with his wife have brought the sanctity of marriage into disrepute.

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Shhhhhhhhhhhalim Mehajer on his wedding day

The property developer and local councillor has never been far from the headlines after his elaborate wedding ceremony in 2015, which made international news after it shut down traffic on suburban street and raised the ire of both neighbours and law enforcement.  Mr Mehajer has continued to court controversy in the months since.  Reports have recently circulated that despite its elaborate beginning, his marriage may already be over.  Mr Mehajer is understood to have denied the widespread reports of the break up.

The Prime Minister announced today that a plebiscite on Same-Sex marriages will be delayed until 2017, so that a plebiscite on Salim-Sex marriages can be held first.

“This is a much more pressing issue,” Prime Minister Turnbull told a packed media conference this afternoon.  “With Salim now reportedly a single man, we confront the very real risk that he may hold another out-of-control wedding at any time.  Our already clogged Western Sydney streets can just not afford to be packed once again with ridiculous white Lamborghinis and processions of drummers and percussionists.”

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Mr Mehajer arrives at his wedding in a helicopter (Photo: Nine News)

It’s understood that the plebiscite will be a simple yes/no question on whether the Commonwealth Marriage Act be altered to include an additional clause that “Salim Mehajer shall never again be permitted to hold a wedding which involves helicopters, lamborghinis, teams of drummers, Harley-Davidsons or a story on the six o’clock news.”

HAPPIER TIMES: Salim and wife Aysha
HAPPIER TIMES: Salim and wife Aysha

But a group calling itself Australians for Mehajer Equality (AME) has hit back.  The group has issued a statement saying that the Australian community should not be divided on this issue.

“Salim should have the same right as anyone to arrive by helicopter to a wedding and be followed by a film crew at all times,” the statement said.  “The last thing our nation needs is another divisive vote.  We demand that Salim be allowed to marry anyone at any time.”