The star of The Bachelor has been forced to apologise for a horrifying accident on the set of the programme, which left both Richie Strahan and star contestant Alex covered in a sickening mess during one of their dates.

bachelor bath
“An embarrassing accident” (Photo: Network Ten)

The scene, which features in Thursday night’s edition of program “did not go according to plan” according to a spokesperson for the Ten Network.  That is an understatement.  Broken News can now reveal the full horrifying details of what went wrong.

“I really regret having a curry for lunch before inviting Alex into the bath,” Richie is understood to have told pals.  “I am usually OK with spicy food but this was an absolute shocker.  I’m not sure if it was the chilli that actually did it or what, but it is the most humiliating event of my life.”

“I felt the urge, and I needed to dash to the loo and I really regret not doing it,” he reportedly told a mate.  “You get a lot of pressure from producers, and I know they are on time constraints to get things done, so I just thought I could get through the date without a problem.”

A serious accident (Photo: Network Ten)
A serious accident (Photo: Network Ten)

“But I was wrong.  I really made a mess of things.  Quite literally.”

Broken News understands that the bath scene was supposed to be a bubble-bath scene with champagne sipped romantically from the couple sized tub.  But when Strahan’s uncontrollable accident quite literally muddied the waters, producers decided to keep rolling to capture the hijinks.

“I know the producers are going to pretend it was chocolate, but I have to be honest with viewers.”

Bath gone wrong. (Photo: Network Ten)
Bath gone wrong. (Photo: Network Ten)

“I’m just so embarrassed about it,” Strahan told friends.  “I apologised profusely to Alex, and to be honest I am really impressed with the way she handled it.”

“It actually showed a real down to earth side of her, that even when covered in the contents of my partially-digested Thai lunch, she carried on as if nothing had happened.”

“That kind of dedication and commitment is important to me, so I think she will get a rose this week.”