At Broken News we’ve followed with great concern the reports of the release of KFC’s secret 11 herbs and spices recipe this week.  Almost every single one of our competing news websites have published the recipe so that people can make their own KFC at home.   But seriously, we have absolutely no idea – why would you?

We don’t understand it.  Why would you make your own KFC when you can just drive there and get 24 nuggets for ten dollars?  [Editor’s Note: A handy life hack is that if you take twenty dollars with you, you can actually get 48 nuggets]

By all means make your own KFC, but we'll be just buying this from the drive thru thanks
By all means make your own KFC, but we’ll be just buying this from the drive thru thanks

That’s literally 41 cents a nugget.

If you’re crazy enough, by all means go out there and spend fifty dollars on raw chicken and buttermilk and ridiculous herbs and spices that you’ve never heard of and will never use again just so that you can make some god-awful home-made chicken from what may or may not be the Colonel’s recipe.

But even if you do make your own home-made KFC how are you going to wash it all down?  With a delicious, cool and refreshing beverage?

Pepsi.  Homemade Pepsi.

And we have the recipe.  Just like your old friend Marge Simpson used to make for the school dance.  But not as thick.  So here goes…

kfc marge
Marge Simpson’s famous Pepsi recipe


Ok we’re going to be honest, we started writing this article without the faintest idea of how to make home-made Pepsi, because, you know, big companies like to keep those recipes secret.

So we did some googling (on your behalf) to try to get some (Yahoo) answers for you.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.19.39 PM

And we stumbled onto this thread on an  old Yahoo Answers forum from eight years ago.  (We get most of our advice from strangers on internet forums.)…

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.19.26 PM

If you want the recipe, you can click through to the recipe here.  We were going to put it direct into the article, but cause we kind of couldn’t be bothered to test the recipe ourselves, we got a bit nervous and we don’t want that kind of responsibility.  So try it at your own risk.

Anyway.  Have a good weekend.