A mother who dressed her son as Adolf Hitler for a book week parade has gone on the defensive saying that her son has every right to dress as the genocidal World War 2 maniac, and has argued that “do-gooders” aren’t going to stop her from encouraging his love of reading.

The boy’s mother says Mein Kampf is his favourite book.

In a Facebook post seen by Broken News, the mother (who we have chosen not to name) says that she knows a lot of people will disagree but was just “tryin [sic] to encourage his love of books” by dressing him in that way for the book week parade.

The post, which has received more than 116 likes on Facebook has, unsurprisingly, created enormous public backlash.

One commenter on the Facebook page told her she was a “bad mother” and that dressing a child as the most despised person in human history is “actually one of the most disgusting things you can do.”

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While many would question Hitler’s relevance to a book week parade, his book Mein Kampf, banned for decades in Germany is one of the most controversial, yet widely read twentieth century texts. ¬†The child’s mother claims that the book, the title of which translates to “My Struggle’, is her seven year old son’s favourite.

The controversial book week costume.

The backlash has been immediate and ferocious, with the mother’s actions being condemned by groups pointing out the atrocities of the German war time leader. ¬†Others say that the mother and child’s actions are the result of ignorance, and have called for “more education so that we can prevent this from happening again.”

It’s not clear whether the boy won a prize in the book week parade.