The spiralling cost of seeing a GP has been blamed for a rise in the number of Australians getting all of their health advice from the Facebook page of TV Chef Pete Evans, a Broken News investigation can reveal.

Out of pocket payments for some GP’s can now see patients chipping in between $35 and $70 for treatment, a cost that many battling families can ill-afford.

But the television star, who is not a doctor, has never been a doctor, an is unlikely to ever be a doctor, is very kindly giving away free medical advice on his Facebook page.

In a recent posting, Evans gave advice to an osteoporosis sufferer, advising them to remove dairy products from their diet, because (according to him), the dairy products can remove calcium from bones.  Evans has also dished advice on not using sunscreen because of the chemicals it contains and has even offered guidance to people with cholesterol problems changing their medication.

evans fb
Pete Evans is unable to claim a Medicare rebate on his free health advice

While some say that a My Kitchen Rules judge is perhaps not the most reliable source of medical advice, Broken News can reveal that many Australians have little choice but to trawl Facebook for advice about their ailments because of the rising cost of seeing a doctor.

“It can cost me sixty dollars to see the doctor with the kids cause she doesn’t bulk bill any more,” one mum told Broken News.  “But I can just ask Pete a question on Facebook and its free.  Well, I mean he does try to flog one of his books or websites, but you don’t actually have to buy it.”