Is this the most awkward Tinder date ever? has obtained pictures and video of what many are describing as the most awkward Tinder date in Australian political history.

tinder match

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When Pauline Hanson and Tony Abbott connected on the app in Parliament House, despite their acrimonious history, both swiped left, setting up what many thought would be an unlikely coffee date.

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Broken News understands that Ms Hanson and Mr Abbott, once staunch political enemies, began by messaging each other, exchanging phone numbers and pictures – and finally agreed to meeting. has been forwarded some of the messages, purported to have been sent between the pair prior to the meeting.

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PARODY: Messages purportedly sent between the pair.

The pair even invited a camera crew from to film their first date – which you can watch below. is a satire and parody website.  None of the stories on this site, including this one, are true.