A sickening bout of gastroenteritis has hit the set of The Bachelor TV program for a second week in a row, raising speculation about hygiene standards on the hit show.

The series of “sickening incidents” created a foul stench on the set of the hit TV show.

Broken News understands that this week, not only The Bachelor himself, but all of the female contestants were struck down by the embarrassing illness, mid-way through a team obstacle challenge.

We’re told by insiders on the set that when producers became aware of a number of the show’s contestants experiencing “unfortunate accidents” on the set, they adapted the contest to be a “Tough Mudder” style challenge.

“That was not supposed to be a mud pool,” our insider tells us.  “That was crystal clear water until they fouled it up.”

Many of the contestants suffered from the same bout of the crippling sickness.

“You can’t really blame the girls – they are genuinely unwell and lost all control of their bowels.  Richie too.  It was disgusting and I actually felt really sorry for all of them.”

What makes this controversy worse, is that it is the second such incident in as many weeks.  Astute viewers will remember that last week, Richie’s accident in a bathtub was passed off as a “chocolate bath” challenge.  BrokenNews.com.au was the first to reveal the sickening truth in this story last week.

bachelor bath

Broken News understands that publicity agents for the show have been attempting to hose down the speculation over hygiene standards on the set of the program, but are yet to make any public comment.