Creeps and insta-stalkers from around the world have welcomed the photo sharing site’s new zoom feature, enabling them to zoom in on photos, a feature which Instagram users had called for for years.

But the creeps say that the feature is both a blessing and a curse, warning that the zoom feature makes an accidental like of a 74 week old picture, “a very real and very worrying possibility”.

The zoom feature allows users to get closer than ever before. (Photo: Pixabay)

For years, Instagram users have complained that they’ve accidentally double-tapped on a photo, forgetting that on the app a double-tap results in a ‘like’.  On most other apps, such as Facebook, a double tap enlarges a photo.  Users had complained that when they were creeping through photos of people from their university class on Instagram, many had suffered the embarrassment of accidentally liking photos that were several weeks old.  In more extreme cases, some users endured the humiliation of liking a photo that was several years old.

“It was worse when you’d give your phone to an elderly relative or someone who doesn’t know how to use Instagram and they’d try and zoom in and they’d accidentally like a photo,” one user told Broken News.  “This is why I have trust issues.”

The new feature allows users to pinch their screen to zoom in on a photo, and take a closer inspection of any particular part of the photo that they might be interested in.  In an instructional video, Instagram suggested users might want to zoom in on a cute dog or their friend’s lunch, but Broken News suspects that is more frequent use will be zooming in on the delicious washboard abdominals of that guy who gave you his number at the bar last week.

Users say they abbbbbbbsolutely love this new feature (Photo: Pixabay)

But some users say the new “pinch to zoom” process is difficult to get used to, and they fear the clumsiness of their technique may result in unwanted likes.

“It’s hard to get used to and last night I accidentally liked about six photos by mistake,” another creep told Broken News.  “Trying to zoom in on thirty seven week old pictures without liking them is like being in that Entrapment movie.  Remember the one where Catherine Zeta Jones had to get through the lasers without setting off the alarm?”

This is what using the new Instagram zoom feature is like.

Yes, we remember.