The Federal Government has announced that it will hold a plebiscite in late 2016 into whether another plebiscite should be held on the issue of same-sex marriage in 2017.

The decision to hold a plebiscite into whether there should be a plebiscite is a move to get a sense of the public mood towards a plebiscite, before committing to a later plebiscite.

“It’s the only way we can get the public’s opinion on whether we should hold a plebiscite,” Prime Minister told a packed media conference earlier today.

A plebiscite on a plebiscite is exactly what we need. (Photo:

“If this plebiscite on whether we should have a plebiscite is passed, then it will be a simple matter of holding another plebiscite next year,” the Prime Minister told reporters.  “It couldn’t be easier than that.”

Mr Turnbull fended off suggestions about the cost of holding two plebiscites.

“It’s fine.  We can just negatively gear Kirribilli House or something.”

The government has argued that holding a plebiscite into whether it should hold a plebiscite puts power into the people’s hands but the Opposition isn’t convinced that doing so is such a great idea.

“We can’t just have a plebiscite on every single decision.  That’s what we are elected to do,” Bill Shorten responded.

“If we let the people have their say on every little decision then it will put all of us politicians out of a job.  And as someone who hasn’t really ever had a proper job, I’m terrified of that prospect.”