Senior members of the North Korean military have managed to convince Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un that they have invented a “dastardly new rocket able to inflict great harm on the West”, despite their stockpile of munitions, in fact being corn cobs, picked straight from the farm.

The Supreme Leader inspects the “dastardly new rockets”

Terrified generals had been summoned by Kim Jong Un to provide evidence of his country’s “latest attack strategy” and wanted a first hand look of the newest ammunition available to his armed forces.

The generals, aware that the country lacks any such new technology, and in fear for their own and their families lives, hatched an unlikely scheme to convince the Supreme Leader that the corn cobs were actually new rockets, built from the latest North Korean technology.

The Generals piled the corn cobs in as menacing a fashion as possible.

Few members of the military realised that such a hare-brained scheme might actually work.  But it appears to have done exactly that, with the leader “praising” their efforts in “protecting the grand land of North Korea against agitators from the West”.

“We knew that as long as he didn’t bite into one, we might be able to convince him,” a senior military official who wished to remain anonymous told Broken News’ Pyongyang bureau.

The leader handled the “missiles” but never tried to taste one.

“He’s actually not that bright and I think he was just looking for something to do on a Tuesday afternoon, so he bought the whole story.”

“He even told us that they were the most fearsome weapons he had seen in a long time.  So I guess you could say our plan worked.”