You might have heard of the controversial new arrangement between ABC and Lululemon, as part of a logo licence deal, as reported in Crikey today.

But that could be just the beginning. can reveal prototypes for an exciting new range of Yoga mats which could be launched by Lululemon and the national broadcaster soon!

Now we are sure that Paul Barry will be interested in looking into the deal between the ABC and Lululemon for MediaWatch…but will he be able to resist doing a little downward facing dog on a yoga mat bearing his image?  You’d definitely want to spend more than 15 minutes a week working out on this amazing mat.



She’s one of Australia’s most trusted and influential journalists as a reporter on the 4 Corners program.  So you’ll be happy to know that this cushioned and supportive rectangular yoga mat has four corners too.



We miss you Kerry!  This vintage mat is a nod to an ABC hero of years gone by.  Not too many years, mind you, but when you are stretching on this yoga mat, you’ll be reminded of a foremost interview who never let politicians stretch the truth.


Got any questions about the ABC and Lululemon deal?  This guy has got you covered.  As the host of ABC’s Q&A program, he is always trying to get the truth of an issue, and that’s why he’s been honoured with a spot on one of the yoga mats.  And you can definitely take that as a comment!



Lululemon rarely has sales…except for this one!  Leigh Sales!  Your form will be stronger than ever with this tenacious host keeping an eye on every single salute to the sun!



With yoga being so good for you, it’s never too early to start!  The Bananas in Pyjamas yoga mat is great for kids who are just beginning on their yogic and unique co-branding, product placement journeys!


We’ll let you know when they are on sale!