A Sydney advertising agency tasked with the job of marketing the controversial Burkini swimwear garments has come up with a bold proposal to sell the lycra outfits to Australians.

The agency has come up with the “Don Burkini”, pairing the idea behind the top-to-toe swimwear with the image of loved-and-adored Aussie gardener Don Burke.

The agency is yet to consult Burke and says the photographs are “just mock ups at this stage.  We haven’t spoken to anyone, including Don, about the idea.  We’re just spitballing ideas internally.”

A mock up of the Don Burkini

“The thing about Don is he is just so iconically Australian.  We know the Burkini has had some controversy overseas, so we thought it would resonate better with Aussies if we could market it as something that’s just as Aussie as Holden cars or Four’n’Twenty pies,” the agency’s creative director told BrokenNews.com.au.

“Don is a proud Aussie and a lovely knockabout bloke.  We reckon if anyone can break down the controversy with this swimwear it’s him.”

The Burkini swimwear has made headlines in France where it has been banned, and local distributors are hoping that they can avoid the controversy here by making the product appear as iconically Australian as possible.

Plus, there are other marketing benefits to tying the product to the Burke name.

“His name’s Burke.  And this is a Burkini.   The ads write themselves.”