An annoying inner account manager literally won’t shut up with her opinions on the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation, her co-workers have revealed.

Despite taking no particularly interest in the case for twenty years, the employee at the inner city accounting firm has been furiously Wikipedia-ing details about the murder while sitting at her desk and has become a self-proclaimed expert in her office after watching a TV show about it.

Amanda has been googling details of the case all day.

“Amanda watched Making a Murderer on Netflix a few months ago and she basically thinks she’s a true crime detective now,” one of her colleagues told Broken News.  “She listened to Serial podcast as well and wouldn’t shut up for weeks.  She is convinced Adnan was framed.”

“When I saw the ads for the JonBenet show on TV I thought – this is bad.  She is going to lose it over this one.  The thing is, before she watched the show, she didn’t even know who Jon Benet Ramsey was.  She thought she was a character in Neighbours.”

The account manager was riveted by the first part of the JonBenet Ramsey documentary and spent much of the night googling images of the ransom note left at the Ramsey home, performing her own rudimentary handwriting analysis.

The woman spent her train ride into work reading Wikipedia articles about the case.

“The note is a huge part of the investigation,” Amanda told Broken News via email.  “What I want to know is why would you leave a ransom note if you’d already killed the kid?”

The woman’s co-workers say that the woman’s obsession with the television investigation has affected her work today.

“She pretends to be working but you can tell the Excel spreadsheet that she has open is a fake,” another colleague told us. “She’s actually got her headphones in because she’s listening to a YouTube clip of the Dr Phil interview with Burke Ramsey.”

Amanda defended her actions, saying that her trawling through internet message boards about the case may result in a lead that she could provide to detectives.

“I really think they should be taking a closer look at Burke,” she says.  “Why was he smiling so much in the Doctor Phil interview?”

Her colleagues though are worried about the effect the next instalment of the TV show will have on her.

“Some of us are going to call in sick because we just can’t deal with her talking about it on the coffee line tomorrow.”