The ABC has confirmed a deal with the Republic of North Korea to produce a new series of the hit television show Kath and Kim, this time starring dictator, Kim Jong Un.

Filming is due to commence in Pyongyang and in Melbourne in coming months and The ABC is understood to have been in negotiations to film the series for up to two years.  The North Korean leader is hoping to use the series to repair his damaged reputation in Australia and around the world.

Kath and Kim Jong Un, will see the North Korean Supreme Leader (played by himself) develop an obsession with Sharon Strzelecki (Magda Szubanski) after becoming fascinated with her cricketing demonstrations on Snapchat.  The dictator decides he must meet Sharon, and flies to Fountain Lakes in disguise as a “North Korean Cricket Scout”.

kath-and-kim-2The plot develops when Kim Jong Un rents a room from Kath (Gina Riley) and Kel (Glenn Robbins) who have listed their home on AirBnB.   But the dictator’s plans for romance with Sharon hit a speed-bump when Kath’s daughter Kim Craig (Jane Turner) takes an interest in Kim Jong Un.

The match gets off to a difficult start when Aussie Kim accuses Korean Kim of having a girl’s name, which he follows by threatening to have her entire family destroyed by a nuclear bomb.  But the pair manage to patch things up and a love triangle emerges when Sharon asks Kim Jong Un for some cricketing advice, saying she needs help with her reserve sweep.

Here at Broken News we won’t give away all the plot just yet, but from what we’ve seen of the scripts, audiences are going to love the new series.

While the ABC wouldn’t confirm the series today, a statement from the media office of the North Korean leader in Pyongyang did.

“We are glad to confirm that our dear leader, Kim Jong Un, will be filming a television series in Australia,” the statement read.  “He is excited about starting the filming and hopes you will vote for him for Best New Talent at the Logie Awards because if Joel Madden won it…anyone can.”