Religious scholars say that the rising popularity of disgusting acne-popping videos on the internet is a sign that the end of the world is coming.


“The videos are truly a sign that end-times have begun,” an international conference in Adelaide was told this morning.

“As foretold in Revelations, ‘when humanity hath nought better to do, than watch thine pus and sebum flow, then unto humanity shall be visited end of days’.”

For reasons unknown to anybody, the sickening videos have become incredibly popular on YouTube these past years.  Making matters worse, some news organisations have been turning the videos into clickbait stories and they are being shared at the rate of millions of videos a day.

“There is no better sign that humanity’s time on earth is due to come to an end than these black head popping videos,” one religious scholar told Broken News.  “The fact that people have nothing better to do than watch video after video of other people popping their overgrown cysts and releasing the fluid inside tells us that humanity has run out of things to do.”

“We are actually so bored with our time on earth that we would rather watch someone pop a pimple than literally anything else at all.  What does this say about us?”

When pressed on whether there is anything that can be done to save humanity, scholars are in agreement.

“Absolutely.  The Book of Revelation says that if humanity resists the temptation to watch these videos, redemption shall be enjoyed by the planet as a whole.”

“We just need to stop clicking on them.  They are gross.  Just stop it.”

This video is a test of whether you are willing to save the world.  If you hit Play, you are contributing to the end of life as we know it.