The launch of Apple’s new iPhone has been heralded as a great advance in technology and has been welcomed by millions of excited users around the world.  But not everyone is ducking happy about it.


Turns out that the autocorrect feature which infuriatingly converts every F-bomb to a more delicate farmyard animal has most users still quacking up.

“I’m so ducking angry at this,” one Apple user who bought the new phone, explained to us via text message.

“The whole thing is totally ducked.”

Apple has lauded it’s new design, more functional camera, and the disappearance of the headphone jack – but many users say they’d rather keep their old headphones and get rid of autocorrect instead.

“The autocorrect feature has been ruining lives and relationships for the past decade.  It is about as useful and welcome as a crazy frog ringtone,” one technology expert told Broken News.


“Apple should be ducking for cover on this one, they have really annoyed a lot of people,” one technology expert told Broken News.

“And yes, I actually meant ducking that time.”

“I really ducking meant it.”

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