The Presidential debate descended into farce this afternoon after both candidates agreed that the only way to decide a winner of the high-stakes political battle would be through an epic karaoke contest.

Here at Broken News we’ve isolated the most amazing moments of the Karaoke debate for you.

Here’s how it went down.

Donald Trump was a master with the mic, kicking it with a 50 cent classic to get the party started.  His choice of song was “mind boggling”, pundits said, given his recent attacks for sexist comments.


Still, Trump was unperturbed, effortlessly moving from the edgy rap into bubblegum pop, chanelling Aqua’s timeless classic, Barbie Girl.


But it was when Trump tried for crowd involvement that things went quite pear-shaped.  Clearly he chose the wrong gentlemen for this rendition of Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe.


Then, suddenly, the Donald was back on track with a crowd favourite, Bon Jovi’s Livin on a Prayer, that even had Hillary Clinton humming along with a few notes.


To appease the crowd, the pair then sung a duet of the romantic classic Somethin’ Stupid, but no one really believed their hearts were in it.

But finally it was time for Hillary to have some time alone with the mic, and impressed the crowd with a girl power anthem from the Spice Girls.


And clearly she has one eye on the Billboard charts, as she hit all the high notes of Sia’s Chandelier without breaking a sweat.  What a woman.


Again, in a rare moment of unity, the political combatants put differences aside to sing a crowd favourite from the musical Grease.  It was like time had stood still.  A moment of beauty.


But it wasn’t to last.  Donald Trump wrestled solo control of the microphone, launching into some of the more vulgar verses of this Bloodhound Gang classic.


Finally.  Finally it was over.  Once the audience started participating, we switched off the broadcast.