A missing bushwalker has survived eight days lost in dense bushland after using the fire-starting function on his Samsung phone to light a fire to stay warm.

Samsung has recalled the Galaxy Note 7 device around the world and has asked customers who own the phones to return them because of production fault that may cause it to ignite a fire.


But Pedros Costandides used the fire starting function to his advantage after becoming lost in bushland in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney this week.  “I was very worried when I became lost on the first night because it was dark and I was freezing,” he told Broken News.  “But then I remembered I had seen on the news how people’s phones were catching fire and I thought, maybe I can use the phone to start a fire and stay warm.”

“I just shook the phone a couple of times really hard and whoosh, the fire just started,” he says.  “It was so much easier than rubbing two sticks together.  I don’t think I could have started a fire that old fashioned way.”

The drawback of the phone catching fire was that Pedros could no longer use its GPS function to walk to safety, or make a phone call for help.  But the optimistic bushwalker says that the fire was enough to alert authorities.


“It took a few days, but eventually a helicopter spotted the smoke rising from the fire and they lowered down some rescuers to help me.”

“If it wasn’t for the phone catching fire, I don’t think I would have made it.”