A beagle has become the latest to come forward and claim to have been inappropriately touched by Donald Trump.

The allegations centre on a photo opportunity at Trump Tower in 2012 where Trump is accused of manhandling the terrified pooch.


In the dog’s affidavit to the New York Supreme Court, obtained by Broken News, the canine claims that Trump “grabbed me around my throat and forced me to appear in a picture.”

“His left hand was around my neck and his right hand was on my bottom.  I did not want to be held by Mr Trump, but I felt at the time that I had no choice.”

“He was making a kissy face and I felt extremely uncomfortable.”

“He eventually let me go, but I knew that I never wanted to be in that man’s office ever again.”

The accusations are the latest in a string of claims against the Republican candidate, who has been accused of inappropriately dealing with a number of women.  This is the first time that an animal has come forward to accuse Trump of inappropriate behaviour.