A union of American movie stars, singers and comedians say they are sick of being asked about Donald Trump in every single interview that they do in the lead-up to the November poll.


The stars say they understand the world’s fascination with Trump, but say they just want to promote their forthcoming movies and albums in peace.

In an open letter to the world’s media, more than fifty celebrities have countersigned a demand not to be asked about Trump, saying that the line of questioning is becoming irritating to them.

“Yes we hate Trump, yes we are terrified of him and yes we are terrified of him leading us into World War Three,” the letter reads. “But to be honest we are more terrified of this interview going off-course and not focussing on what is important, such as the release date of our forthcoming film.”

“To be honest with you, we’re more scared of our publicists than we are of Trump.  They  get us in so much trouble when we talk about politics instead of our new movie.”

“Could all interviewers please take it as a given that we think Trump is a dangerous whacko.”

“But what is also dangerous is that our new album won’t be at the top of the iTunes chart if we spend this whole interview talking about the Donald.”

The letter continues.

“Just because we are American, we are really no more or less qualified to answer questions about politics than any other American citizens.  Our vote is worth as much as a mom from Michigan or a dad from Denver.”