Former Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke says no question is off-limits as he attempts to make his upcoming book a Christmas best-seller.


The much-loved but controversial character known as Pup, is used to guarding his private life almost as closely as he’d guard his off stump on Day 2 of an SCG Test.  But with the release of his new book, with a recommended retail price of $44.95, that’s all changed.

The cricketing tome, creatively titled My Story, takes readers on a journey through his life, and the highs and lows of his playing career.  But in order to promote the book up the best-selling batting order, the legendary captain has had to endure tough questioning on his relationship with former girlfriend Lara Bingle and at times, heated conflicts with cricketing team mates.

“Yes, Ally Langdon bowled me a couple of bouncers in the Sixty Minutes interview, but you’ve got to expect some chin music when you’re trying to flog a book for nearly fifty bucks,” Clarke told a radio interviewer.

“The Lara Bingle stuff I let go through to the keeper, and the Watto questions I played a really straight bat to.”

Clarke has been accompanied by his wife Kyly for some of the interviews.

Kyly Clarke has an exciting new range of candles. (Kyly Clarke/Instagram)

“Sometimes you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do,” Clarke told close mates.  “And if it helps to sell some of Kyly’s candles as well, then that’s just a bonus.”

“Seriously the garage is full of those vanilla-bean scented, essential-oil-flavoured glasses of thirty dollar wax, and we need to get rid of them.”

“If I sell enough of the books, I’ll be able to get a new Ferrari, so we’ll need the garage space anyway.”

My Story by Michael Clarke is available in bookstores for a RRP of $44.99