A young professional with five different sports betting accounts says that the Melbourne Cup sweep being run in his office is “weird but actually kind of cute.”

Advertising sales manager Ben Carson says he operate sports betting account apps simultaneously to maximise his returns, and says he doesn’t understand why people would enter an office sweep.


“It’s the worst possible odds and you pick your horse totally at random.  It’s utter madness,” he told Broken News.

“Like these people know that you can just bet on your phone like a grown-up right?  Like…it’s not 1957 any more.”


Carson, who has wagered $500 on various bets for the Cup, is proud of his brash and bold punting style, and says he had a chuckle at the relative safety of the one-dollar sweep in his office.

That said, Carson admits that the office sweep is “kind of cute for people without the balls to do real gambling.”

“You know what else is cute…the blonde PA that is running the sweep.  I bought like five horses in the $10 sweep just so I could talk to her and seem like a bit of a baller.”

The PA in question told Broken News she had no interest in Ben.  “I’m flattered, but have no real interest in him.  He’s a bit of a douche.  Most of the people in the dollar sweep actually own their own houses but he still lives at home with his mum and step dad.”