A new world record for overhead lockers becoming full has been set on a flight from Sydney to Gold Coast this morning.

Flight attendants say the lockers were full in 34’55 seconds, which smashed the previous world record of 41’43 seconds, set on a Easyjet flight from London to Ibiza in 2012.


On today’s flight, only fifteen of the 120 passengers had boarded the flight before the lockers were closed by airline stewards as they were full to the brim.

Flight attendants praised the efforts of passengers, none of whom were willing to pay the extra ten dollars to check-in their luggage, and who passed off duffel style bags as “handbags” in order to qualify as hand-luggage. ¬†Others also used the “laptop” bag loophole in order to sneak an additional bag onto the plane and secure the world record.

Captain Mark Jensen said he was proud to be in control of the flight and has been humbled by the media attention, but says the credit for the world record must go to the paying customers who stretched the carry on baggage restrictions to the very limit.


Broken News understands that several trays of Krispy Kreme donuts made the difference in ensuring that the lockers were full, because their delicate nature meant nothing could be stacked on top of them. ¬†Aviation experts also noted that whether the donuts should be counted towards the carry-on allowance was a “grey area”, but that passengers were within their rights to exploit the confusing area of flight regulations.


A number of other factors contributed to the world record time, not least of which, a bucks party of ten blokes who were four tins in and could not have given a rats about how carefully they slung their bags into the locker. ¬†“If they packed them neatly, we could have fit another few bags in, but because they had neck tattoos, everyone was too scared to ask them to move their stuff.”