The Prime Minister of Canada has announced the construction of a wall along Canada’s southern border with the United States, to prevent fleeing Americans from entering its sovereign territory.


With thousands of Americans pledging to “go to Canada” if Trump ever became President, it is becoming increasingly likely that they may have to come through on their promises.

To circumvent the problem, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the immediate construction of a wall, adding “and America will pay for it”.  It is understood the wall will run the complete length of the border from Washington to Maine and also include the border with Alaska.

“If Trump wants to build a wall with Mexico and make the Mexicans pay for it, we will give him a taste of his own medicine,” the Prime Minister told reporters.  “We will build a wall with America and Americans can pay for it.”

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The wall is expected to create headaches for the tens of thousands of Americans who were planning to flee to Canada for a better life under a Trump presidency.

It would also mean that the United States was surrounded on both its northern and southern sides by brick walls, making it both the most secure and most terrifying nation on the face of the earth.